Rain Cover for Cameras or Hood? Anyone use anything that works?

Hi everyone,

I was curious if anyone out there has found an effective protector for rain for their cameras. To be clear, I am talking only about preventing rain droplets from dripping across the camera lense and thus blocking or obscuring the video, I am not looking for help weather proofing the situation.

I use primarily Floodlight Pro Wired cameras with some Spotlight Pros as well. Floodlight Pros are the ones I am most looking to address as the shape of the space with the light housings is a bit more tricky to find the right solution here.

I really just want something that could screw into the wall above where the camera is in hopes that water from above would not drip down over it. I have looked and seen that Ring does not sell anything and I have thus far been unable to find anything that would do the trick.

Any help of direction would be great.


i have 5 solar STICKUP battery cams installed outdoors. i built my own sun & rain shade from steel rain box-gutter.

the roof on shade is extended out to also act as platform to mount solar charger.

Search my youtube channel called “DIYhabitat” for the video title “used box-gutter to make sun-rain shade for RING STICK-UP security camera”.

let me know whatvu think of it.