I am thinking of acquiring the new “Ring Video Doorbell” that will be available in Europe, starting on June 3, and I have doubts about the supply.

  1. What is the content of the box of the new Ring Video Doorbell, which will be available on June 3 in Europe
  2. What is the main difference with the Ring Video Doorbell-pro
  3. Does it include chime, of what type?
  4. Can it be expanded with wireless chimes?
  5. Is the operating manual available?
  6. Does any superior feature have to pair it with an Alexa Eco Show 8, instead of 5?
    Thank you

Hey @Quico. Happy to answer any questions you have! You can learn more about what’s in the box for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 here. You can download the manual here. The product does not come with a Chime included in it, you will need to buy this separately. You can buy any many Chimes or Chime Pros as you would like to extend the Doorbell’s Ring and Motion alerts, as well as help with internet connectivity if you get the Chime Pro.

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 should be able to connect to Alexa as well and show up on your Alexa Show 8, as well as the 5. Once you have downloaded the Ring skill, the Doorbell should show up as a new device once added to the Ring app. Lastly, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 does have some differences in comparison to the Pro. The Ring Video Doorbell Pro does have more advanced motion detection, as it uses motion detection that is pixel based from what the camera sees, while the Doorbell 3 used PIR motion detection. Both devices have a pre-roll that is running to help capture motion as it’s happening, but the Doorbell 3 will have those few seconds of pre-roll in black and white while the Doorbell Pro should have it in color. The devices also differ in power sources, as the Pro needs to be hardwired the entire time it is set up, but you never have to worry about charging, while the Doorbell 3 has the removable battery that will have to be charged every so often. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The type for which I ask, is for the New Ring Viseo Doorbell type, which will be released in Europe on June 3, not for the Ring Video Doorbell 3, to which you refer in your answer. I would like you to tell me, the difference in features between this “New model” and the Pro model. Thanks.

@Quico My apologizes! The Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Gen) has 1080p HD video (vs 720p HD that the 1st gen had) and an additional “near” motion zone that provides motion detection in areas only 5’-15’ in front of your home. The new Ring Video Doorbell also has improved audio quality and crisper night vision. The contents of the box will be similar to the Ring Video Doorbell 1st Gen, which you can find here (under Everything you need comes in the box). The main difference will be the motion detection difference and power differences, as described in the Ring Video Doorbell 3 versus the Pro, as the 2nd Gen of the Ring Video Doorbell is battery powered as well. Although, the 2nd Gen of the Ring Video Doorbell has an internal battery, while the 3 has a removable battery.

The box does not include a chime, but you can add a Chime Pro as I described before. This device should be compatible with all Alexa enabled Shows and devices. We do not have the manual available yet, but it will be available when the product is available. Hope this helps!

I have doubts about the operation of the “New Ring Visual Doorbell”.
When we press the call button, if it works correctly, the interior chime sounds (which I will buy), at the same time as the warning is activated in the mobile phone application. It is very important that the internal chime rings regardless of the status of the Wi-Fi and / or internet status, in order to attend to visits.
But in case of connection problems, how does the system react when a call occurs?

  1. If the Wi-Fi status is good and the Internet is good.
    a) Does the chime ring ?: ( YES ? )
    b) Is notice received in the mobile phone app ?: ( YES? )
    c) Is cloud video recording enabled ?: ( YES? )

  2. If the Wi-Fi status is good and the Internet is ** BAD**.
    a) Does the interior chime ring ?: ( YES? )
    b) Is notice received in the mobile phone app ?: ( NO?)
    c) Is cloud video recording enabled?: ( NO? )

  3. If the Wifi status is BAD.
    a) Does the interior chime ring? : ( YES? ) Very important, for me.
    b) Is notice received in the mobile phone app ?: ( NO? )
    c) Is cloud video recording activated ?: ( NO? )

Thanks for your attention
Francesc Martínez i Roca

@Quico Happy to clear up all those questions for you! In general, the way the Ring Video Doorbell works with the interior chime kit and your Ring app is as follow:

  • Ring Video Doorbell will be rung by someone pressing the button
  • Camera is triggered on and the wiring from the interior chime kit will trigger your inner chime kit to go off right away. As long as your chime kit is compatible, this should happen automatically and without delay (wired connected and not wireless like wifi).
  • Camera has been triggered to come on and start recording (should be right away, as long as your RSSI/wifi connection is good.
  • Camera is triggered to record/store video to the cloud as soon as the Doorbell is rung, and the notification of a ding at your Doorbell is pushed to the internet, through the router, and then from the router to your phone.
  • When it comes to showing the Live View, giving the notification to your phone, and recording the video, this is all dependant on the battery life of the device and the wifi connection. If the battery is very low, Live View may load slow. If the wifi connection is poor, Live View may take awhile to load or you may see diminished quality in the video recording. Lastly, the notification to your phone can be delayed if the Doorbell or your phone has a poor connection.

Your best bet before purchasing will be to get a compatible chime kit that works with the Doorbell and to ensure have a good wifi connection from the outside of your home (the walls in a home can cause interference depending on the material used). As long as the chime kit is compatible and the wiring is done properly, you should get that internal chime no matter what your wifi/internet connection is. After reading over each situation you outlined and the yes/no answer you gave for each, I would say that they are all accurate of how things should be in the if this then that events!

Please note that you may still see videos being recorded, but with poor quality in audio or video when the wifi reading and or internet is bad. In addition, you may get a late notification instead of no notification at all, and the connection your phone has is also a deciding factor in getting a notification or not. Let me know if you have any other questions! :slight_smile: