Quick snooze

Is there a way that I can qiuck snooze my ring camera when entering or leaving the house?
It seems there should be a button on the home screen of the app instead of drilling down each time. A qiuck snooze icon that would snooze the camera for 3-5 minutes when pressed would be ideal.

Hi @cwarner3020, are you looking to snooze motion alerts that you get as notification on your phone on your Ring Camera? If so, we do have this feature for you. If you go into the Ring app and look on the dashboard, you will see a “crescent moon with lines next to it” icon at the top right. Once you select this, it will give the option to snooze the motion alerts for your cameras from anywhere between 30 minutes to 4 hours! :slight_smile:

Sorry, this should hve been posted in the feature request. I found how to snooze the motion record but the lowest is 30 minutes unless you come back and cancel it. Seems like there shoud be a way to do this quickly with the press of a button coming in or going out the door. .

@cwarner3020 No worries, just wanted to make sure! If you could, can you post your feature request here? We have a dedicated board for this so other neighbors can comment on your idea and vote for it!