Quick Replies & Speaker Volume WAY TOO LOUD on Ring Doorbell 2!


I have the Ring Doorbell 2. Recently you pushed an update to the app for Quick Replies…

I wanted to try some of the halloween ones as a bit of fun, however what I didn’t know was that these were going to play out at FULL volume!

I find it completely bonkers that there is no way to turn down the volume of the speaker in this thing. I also didn’t realise how loud it was when I talked into it!

I’m not talking about the chime effect on it, I have this turned off. I’m talking about the actual speaker volume!

The quick reply sound could be heard from 2 streets away it is that loud.

I’ve turned it off & reluctantly answering the doorbell at the moment as I’d rather not have the entire street hearing what I’m saying.

Please sort it out.



Exactly the same. I couldn’t believe how loud it was. I can adjust the ring volume on the doorbell - that works fine as I have that set very low, but it doesn’t have any influence on the volume of the quick reply which stays at full blast.

A great idea having them (especially seasonal like Halloween), but absolutely useless at full volume. Neighbours would be throwing my pumpkins through my window if I left that ‘feature’ switched on.

Please fix this!

mine is way too loud too. You can see the person physically jump when you talk to them its so loud. Plus all the neighbours can hear you. Ive been threatened with a breach of the peace!!
Hurry up and get this sorted

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ive just put a post on asking about this but mine seems to be opposite so if i answer the ring from my phone the person at the door can barely hear me but when they speak at the door the bell repeats what they are saying at a very high and painful volume. i dont know whats going on :frowning:

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Is it like an echo of what they are saying?

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I am having exactly the same issue - almost gave myself a heart attack when we tested it today.

Did anyone find any fixes or replies from the Ring team?

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No reply or solution from Ring on this yet unfortunately!

I find it quite crazy that this hasn’t been sorted.

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Thank you for this continued feedback on this. The Video Doorbell ringer volume can be lowered, however, the speaker volume cannot at this time. As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add this interest on a request on our Feature Request Board. :slight_smile:

@Marley_Ring - this is a bug, not a feature request. The volume of these Quick Replies are way too loud for the tiny speakers in the doorbells. I have the same issue on a Doorbell Pro so it’s not just the Doorbell 2.


7/2022 we have the same problem with our brand new ring doorbell 2. We can’t even use the speaker on it because it is embarrassingly loud. I can talk to my daughter getting out of her car in the street which is no good with neighbors . This is a bug and needs to be fixed.

fix this you idiots. this is ridiculously loud. its a bug

That’s the way, insult the people you need help from. :+1:

For some it’s too loud, some too soft. Adjust the volume in the Ring app to where you want it.