Quick Replies Messages cut off

I have been using the Quick Replies feature. When a message is left by a guest at the door, the recording cuts off at 30 seconds. In the recording, it detects the person as they approach the door. After 20 seconds, it plays the quick reply message. When the guest starts to leave a message, it cuts off. Basically, I’m getting the original 30 seconds that I get if quick replies is not enabled. Is there a setting or another place to access the guests response?

From my understanding, a quick response should allow for up to a 60 second response and the recording should be available in my timeline, but I don’t get the full reply in my timeline.

Hi @jeremie854. The duration of the Quick Replies interaction is 60 seconds from the point when Quick Replies becomes activated after a 0 to 20 second delay, depending upon what you’ve selected in the Ring app. Try adjusting the response time to see if that will allow the full recording. You can follow the steps in this Help Center article here to accomplish this. Let me know if this helps.