Quick Exit Feature?

Hi all,

New to Ring alarm and curious if there’s a “quick exit” feature. When the alarm is armed to stay, is there a way for me to leave the home without disarming and then re-activating it to stay? Let’s say I want to leave in the morning and someone else is sleeping still. If I disarm and re-arm, it’s going to notify on their device. I’m trying to avoid that.


Good question @texasguy2020! This will mostly be depending on preference but I believe there is a solid way to get this done depending on the number of entryways/ sensors you have. If you have a secondary entrance to the home, you could exclude this sensor from the armed mode and exit via that door. Of course, securing your doors in an armed mode is most important, so this would work best for an attached garage or porch.

Other than the above recommendation, there is not a way to quickly and silently switch modes back and forth. You are, however, able to manage the chirp/ alert features in the Ring app to limit or prevent the notifications of the mode change. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Did you ever find out if this Quick Exit feature is now available? If it still isn’t would be great if you can help us get it noticed by voting for this feature at Quick Exit