Questions on Modes, Schedules, Geofence, and Record lengths

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I’ve recently installed five new cameras and got them working as well as I think is possible with the current app capabilities, however I have a few questions I’m hoping you can answer, or at least we can discuss.

  1. Can you snooze a set selection of cameras? When you go into the app, top right is the snooze all cameras access button. Problem is, what if you don’t want to snooze all the cameras but a set selection? You can go in a snooze each individual alarm, but it doesn’t appear possible to set a schedule or indeed multiple snooze schedules to have a custom list of snooze profiles. Is that correct?

  2. Can you make timer schedules to automatically change modes? As far as I can tell, once you set a mode, nothing will change the status of the camera (however it’s been set for that mode) until the mode is changed. This means if you’ve accidentally set the mode to Disabled or Home, potentially all cameras could be off if you forget to switch the mode before going to bed/falling asleep etc. Is there no way to set timed schedules for mode changes regardless of which cameras and geofence location state? This isn’t the same as motion schedules as that changes when you get alerted, this is scheduling mode changes automatically.

  3. Geofence only alerts when alarm mode is set to Disabled. I set the mode to Home, went to the shop, and expected an alert/notification that the mode was not set to Away once I left the geofence ring. This didn’t happen. Turns out it only does this if the alarm has been set to disarmed before you leave. Is that correct? If so that means you could have accidentally left the mode as Home when you’re Away and thus have cameras off. As a minimum it should alert if set to Home but the geofence boundary is left in case you have accidentally forgotten to change the mode.

  4. Geofence doesn’t activate Away mode when you leave the boundary. This is related to Q3. I expected the ability to set the mode to a certain state once leaving the Geofence. Is this possible? It seems you can only make it alarm, and as above, that only happens if the mode is set to Disabled. You could argue if you have shared access and both have Geofence active, the other mobile could confuse the system as one phone would say turn on, yet the other phone could say leave off (I’m assuming shared access is granted geofence access settings as well here?), however what if the other phone has accidentally been left at home, so actually you want the system active. The default state should be Away/active and the 2nd geofence phone can then change the mode if desired as they should receive smart notifications of the mode change anyway. As a minimum, like the above, it should notify the 1st geofence phone that the current mode is not set to Away.

  5. I have Advanced Motion Detection set to On. I also have the record time set to 60 seconds per trigger. AMD says it stops recording once motion stops. In this case, what happens to my recording? Does it stop recording once motion has stopped or does it record for 60 seconds regardless? Or, does it keep recording until no motion is detected then it records for another 60 seconds, and if it detects motion again within that time it resets the timer and continues to record until the condition is met? If not and it records for 60 seconds flat, what’s the point in having the AMD set to On? This also would mean that based on your Motion Frequency and Motion Sensitivity, you could make the camera activate, wait till you know it’s stopped recording, then continue doing whatever without being recorded. Is that correct?

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Hi @Yelper85. I’m happy to try and address all of your questions here. Given that there are a few different questions, I will answer them with a list, similar to how you asked them, so it’s easier to read.

  1. No, you can either use the Motion Snooze on one Camera at a time, or use the Global Snooze on all Cameras. You’re welcome to add this suggestion to our Feature Request board, which is how we gather new ideas and suggestions to share with our teams here.

  2. At this time, the Mode Schedules feature only applies to users with the Ring Alarm. If you only have Doorbells or Security Cameras, you won’t be able to utilize the Mode Schedules feature. Other neighbors have requested this functionality on our Feature Request board here, where you can also vote and add your feedback.

  3. You will only receive the reminder to arm your system after leaving the Geofence perimeter if your system is Disarmed. If your system is on Home Mode, you won’t receive the reminder as Home Mode is considered armed.

  4. The Geofence feature doesn’t automatically change the Mode on your system for you. It’s designed to remind you to change the Mode when you leave or enter the Geofence perimeter. You can find this suggestion on our Feature Request board here.

  5. With Advanced Motion Detection, video recording will stop when motion stops. This is to prevent extended recordings where nothing is happening. If motion is occurring for the entire duration of your Video Recording Length, then the recording will continue for the entire duration. If that motion continues past the Video Recording Length, a new event will trigger when your device detects the motion again.

I hope this helps answer all of your questions.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring,

Apologies for the late reply, been super busy.

Thank you so much for getting back to me and answering all the questions, much appreciated.

I shall submit the feature requests as you suggest and up-vote it :+1:t2:

Many thanks once again.

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