Questions - Chimes / Lights / Detection / Amazon Link

Hi there,

Installed a new Ring system and trying to get it sorted.

We have:
2 x Floodlight Cam Wired Pro
1 x Doorbell Pro 2
1 x Chime Pro

My teething problems are as follows:

The chime sounds when there is a person detected by one of the floodlights. We only want the chime to sound when someone hits the doorbell.
Settings Chime: Audio Settings > Chime Notifications > Both floodlights are set to No Alerts.
Settings on Both Floodlights: Linked Chimes > Motion Detected > Do Nothing.

Regardless of those settings if a person goes into one of the cameras the chime will sound. Any way to fix this?

We want the lights on the floodlights to only go on when a person is there. We have a cat that sets them off all the time. It is a small cat and by all the advertising I read on the floodlights they shouldn’t be set off by the cat but they are. As such, our floodlight is going on every time the cat is detected by one of them.

For this I can only find the setting Motion-Activated Lights under light settings. I assume if I turn this off it will fix the problem but will in then come on for people or not at all? There should be a second setting Person-Activated Lights so they only go on when a person is detected.

We have tried turning the motion sensitivity to the lowest setting but the cat still sets it off. Any way to fix this?

I am having two issues with detection.

The first is one camera is picking up cars going past despite the cars being outside the detection zone. Any way to fix this?

The second is that if the device first picks up motion (car pulling into the drive way) it then doesn’t pick up the person and alert as a person detected. Any way to fix this?

Amazon Link
Any way to link my Ring account to an amazon account with a different email address. I have two emails and the ring is registered to one and my Amazon Echo registered to the other. I just want to link the two accounts but every time I go to link them the email address is pre-populated in Ring to my Ring email and it won’t let me change it. So any way around this?

Overall prior to this system we have had someone break into our house whilst we were all asleep and steal things. The aim of this system is to eventually link the system to the Amazon Echo beside my bed and for it to sound when it picks up a person on one of the cameras at night time so I am alerted and can deal with the matter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy to help!

Chime Sounds
You are certainly Linking the Ring Chime and choosing tones correctly. As long as the Floodlight Cameras are not linked to the Chime, motion events from those Cameras will not sound the Chime Tones.

By default, all motions will cause lights to trigger at night. Here’s more information for controlling the Lights on your Floodlight Camera

There are a few solutions here, mostly having to do with motion settings.
For capture a longer duration of an event, adjust the recording length for your Cameras.

For all other adjustments, the motion settings in the Ring app are best fine tuned through testing each to see what works best for your home.

Linking Ring and Amazon Accounts
Only one Ring account can be linked with your Amazon account. When it comes to the steps (linked above) for linking, you do not need to have the same email for both accounts, as you will be prompted to log in to both individually during the process.

If you need more in-depth or further assistance with any of the above, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

As I noticed there was not another response here, for any future questions you might have, posting separate items in the Community categories that best match can help for other neighbors to provide more detailed answers on each topic. :slight_smile: