Questions before possible purchase

I have had 5 video doorbells from various manufacturers and all have had serious issues. A neighbor suggested I look at ring products. He couldn’t show me one so I am hoping someone here can answer some questions.

I am looking at the Pro 2 video doorbell. It has all the features we are looking for but ring support told me the radar feature of this doorbell is not used for motion detection.
They told me the doorbell uses PIR and Pixel detection for motion detection.

We live on a really busy street and regular motion detection does not work well because of the volume of vehicles going by. At night it is worse because the headlights set off false alerts most of the night.

The last doorbell we had also had a radar sensor but it was used for motion detection and it worked great. Not sure if I can post the brand here. But Unfortunately their app has so many other issues that it was impossible to use. Primarily their app would not work on a tablet.

We have an elderly family member and the app on a tablet is critical since it takes him so long to get to the door and it gives him advance warning if anyone approaches.

  1. How well does the motion detection on Ring work? I can’t have it going off with frequent false alerts.

  2. We have an existing doorbell so I want to use a wired model with the existing chime

  3. Does it have person/package or simple motion detection?

  4. Does the ring app include a snapshot of what triggered the motion?
    The reason I am asking is because I can not use my phone during work. I can look at a snapshot pic on my smartwatch and if it is an emergency I can check the app at the first opportunity.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

  1. When I first got my doorbell I was getting motion notifications every time a car went by. I change the Zones that it monitors and that eliminated those.
  2. You should be able to. I was able to swap out my old doorbell with this one and uses the existing chime.
  3. After taking some time to tweak my settings I get mostly people who come to my door, however, it does sometimes get the occasional stray cat going by.
  4. You get an initial snapshot in the notification, but I don’t have them anywhere else. In the history it’s just a text list of motion occurancies with the date/time they happened.

Hi @user8239. I’ll share some helpful articles that will show some of the benefits of our Ring Doorbells.

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The Ring Pro 2 would be a great choice here.

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I hope this helps!