Questions about Ring Doorbell Pro Installation


I recently moved into a new house (built this year), and it has an existing doorbell, and I found the locations of the transformer (NuTone C905, 16V, 10VA) and the door chime (NuTone LA14WH), and I’m trying to install Ring Doorbell Pro.

I’d like to use the existing door chime, if I can, so that I can hear the doorbell chime better in the house, as I don’t carry my phone all the time inside my house.

  • Will my current transformer (16V, 10VA) be able to handle the power the ring doorbell pro and the door chime? Or should I definitely replace the transformer to be 16V, 20VA or 30VA?
  • Is there any way that I can install Ring Pro Power Kit on the transformer directly? (I know this is probably very stupid idea and possibly dangerous) The reason why I’m asking is because it seems a bit hard to cut out the edge of the door chime because it’s painted on the wall. Maybe cutting out might be easy, but I don’t want to do a hassle of repainting and etc.
  • If I replace my current transformer to 16V, 30VA, should I replace my current door chime, too? If I don’t want to mess around with the existing door chime, should I consider Ring Chime or Ring Chime Pro?
  • What if I just skip the installation of Pro Power Kit and just go ahead and hardwire the ring doorbell pro by replacing the existing doorbell in front of my door? Maybe it works initially, but it could cause some issues in the long run? Is it worth trying it and watching how it goes without causing any specific harm to the devices (ring doorbell pro, transformer, and door chime) if I don’t want to mess around replacing the current transformer and/or opening the existing door chime from the painted wall?

Sorry for so many questions. Thank you!

Hi @studiotimo. First of all, do not install the Ring Pro without the Pro Power Kit installed on your Chime Kit. This is designed to assist in the flow of power on your doorbell circuit and if not properly installed, it could be hazardous. We do recommend a transformer that is 16 VAC 30 VA. To see if this is compatible with your Chime Kit, I would follow up with the manufacturer or a licensed electrician. A Chime Pro is also a great wireless option for being notified of who’s at your door and for improving your wifi strength! I hope this information helps!

Thank you, @Tom_Ring! By getting some help from my contractor yesterday and today, I was able to finish the installation of Ring Pro! I installed the pro power kit in the chime, and had Ring Pro installed in front of the door. I kept the transformer that is 16V 10VA for now, as it seems okay so far. I’ll keep an eye on the transformer. I’ll also think about a Chime or a Chime Pro. Thank you.

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