Question regarding connecting the outdoor Stick Up Cam Solar to my WiFi network

Hi all!
I’ve bought, just a few days ago the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation). So far is working fine, although it is most of the time complaining of “Poor Wi-Fi Connection”, despite having the Wi-Fi router at the next room, 3 meters apart (although this is a new house, so walls and windows are thick). But this is not really related to my question.
I want to but a Stick Up Cam Solar, but, as it is going to be outdoor and quite far from the router (at least 15 meters), I am concern it won’t be able to connect.
So, before buying, I want some advise about it.
Note: my router servers 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Thanks in advance!

What surface are your exterior walls? Vinyl siding, for instance, is easier to penetrate than brick. Is the camera going to be mounted to the outside wall, or some distance away from it? I have a Linksys EA7300 router with a Linksys AC3000 WIFI extender at the other end of the house to power our TV streaming. My only indoor stickup camera is about 3 feet from the router and shows about -50db or better. My other cameras are mounted on exterior walls around the house, and all show -55-62db. The back door camera, which is closest to the router, shows an RSSI-46 in the app, while the furthest away shows an RSSI-65. All of them work fine. There is occasionally a 30 second or so delay between an alert and the time that it shows up to be seen in the app, which I assume is due to the lag when uploading to Ring.

I would download a WIFI Analyzer app on your phone and walk around near your router and then where you plan on your outdoor camera to see what signal loss you see. If it’s too much, you might consider adding a wifi extender near the side of the house that would be nearer to your camera.

(Personally, I wouldn’t let the doorbell warning bother me too much. I installed one for my daughter on their front door, 15 feet from their router, and she gets those from time to time even though there is no problem with her signal. I also recently installed a Ring alarm with an outside camera, and she also has no problem with it. )

And the solar cells are the way to go for an outside camera. Hopefully they have upgraded the installation instructions and the app interface by now to help with that. It still wouldn’t hurt to search through the forums to see how others dealt with installation previously. I had to make a mounting bracket for 2 of mine to get them above the gutter at the roof line on the shady sides of the house so they could see the sun, but well worth it. I haven’t touched my cameras in 4 months of winter weather.

Hi RonE,
I have no idea of the material used on the walls, but I would guess it is concrete and brinks. They are at least 30 cm thick. I would like to mount the camera on the fences at the end of the back garden, so I am not worried about having any difficulty to mount it. I want it to face the house, to protect the side door and garden from inside.
My mobile has WiFi coverage at that range, but so it does at the front door (where the doorbell is installed, and complaining of low signal).

I was quite wrong. I went to the area when I want to install the camera, and I was not able to pick any WiFi signal from my router (funny, I could see my next door neighbour). So I think the very first step is going to be to install a WiFi extender.

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Surprisingly, we are able to see a good wifi signal from a VFW facility about 3 miles away. They do have a baseball field, so they could have a stronger signal for that, but I was surprised. Our neighbor was able to log into our network after I added the extender when his system died one night while he was working at home, about 30 feet away through 2 outside brick walls. Not a great signal, but he was happy with it.