Question regarding blurry spots on camera

I had a camera on my back garden that faced downwards towards a fence. Even though there was nothing on the fence and no lights behind it (i have checked and no street lights or security lights etc) it had a blurred spot of what looked like a white light. Now I could understand it if there was a light there of some kind, but there isn’t.
Thinking it was a fault with the lense in the camera, I brought another stick up camera and put it in the same spot. Low and behold, there is the same bright blurred spot on the new camera. I put the old camera up in another spot, the one that originally had the blurred white spot and guess what, no white blurred spot now. What can be causing this strange phenomenon?

Before anyone says it’s a light of some kind, I can assure you there is no light there.

Is it possible there is a light either inside your house or maybe an outside light on your house that is reflecting off of a window or other surface on the other side of the fence? It looks like there might be windows/doors of a house beyond the fence.

No none. Looking at the identical spot it’s a brick wall behind the fence. Of course the house has windows but not in that spot. I can’t understand it.

It looks like a street light or a security light, but it’s not. It’s extremely odd.

Hi @JamesE. Is your Ring Camera facing a window or other reflective surface in the screenshots you shared? A window or reflective surface would reflect the IR light from the camera at night. If that’s not the case, I can only speculate what it might be as there are various environmental factors that could be at play.

No windows or reflective surfaces. The spot where this is, is a brick wall so should have no reflections. What else could it be? The house behind is actually some distance away as well.

@JamesE Given that the light only appears in this installation location, that points to it being some type of environmental factor and not an issue with the Camera itself. I’d recommend reviewing the area and trying out different installation locations and angles to see what works best for that area.