Question on Motion Zones for Lights

When I have Motion-Activated Lights disabled, the lights on my floodlight don’t seem to turn on no matter how I change the distance on Motion Zones for Lights. Is that normal that the light won’t turn on during nighttime when Motion-Activated Lights is off?

Hi @user20665. The lights on your Floodlight Cam should be coming on during the night time when motion is detected. I suggest performing a reboot on your device. This Help Center article here will show you how to do a reset. Let me know if this helps.

@Tom_Ring The lights do turn on when Motion-Activated Lights option was on, but I don’t want the light to turn on whenever it detects motion. I only want the lights to be turned on when the person is close to the Motion Zones that I set on the Motion Zones for Lights option. Is that possible at all? To make things clear, please take a look at the attached image, thanks.

HI @user20665. Thanks for the clarification here. This Help Center article here will really highlight how Motion Detection works with your Floodlight Cam. A key part in this will be ensuring that your Floodlight Cam has proper positioning. In short, the Floodlight Cam should be mounted 9’ high and the bubble on the bottom should be parallel to the ground.

The way you have your Motion Zones For Lights configured, the Motion Zones for your Floodlight Cam might extended past the Motion Zones for Lights. So, you’ll have an event recorded, but the lights may not come on during the recording. For this, you’ll have to use a bit of trial and error when adjusting these Motion Settings. Try making small adjustments over the weekend to really dial this in where it works for you. :grinning: