Question - Delete Neighborhood from Neighbors Settings?

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Hey Neighbors! At this time, there is not an option to delete a neighborhood, but if you are concerned about getting alerts for a neighborhood you are no longer apart of, you can turn off the alerts for this area.

Here are the steps:

  • Go into your Ring App
  • Go to the three lines at the top left and click on Neighbors
  • Click on the gear icon at the top right
  • Find the neighborhood you no longer wish to have alerts for and select “Alert Preferences”
  • For schedule, turn this to Off
  • Under Alert Types, deselect all types.

This should help you at least get rid of any notifications you may still get for this neighborhood in the meantime!

This isn’t a solution. It’s a workaround. I don’t understand why this topic is marked as Solved.


Ring Representatives, Do not mark this thread as “SOLVED”, it is NOT SOLVED. When Ring actually fixes the problem by allowing us to delete an address from the neighborhood settings, then this thread can be marked “Solved”, until then it is not solved!


Hi everyone! I figured it out! Steps are below!

-click on 3 line button on top left
-click on your address at the top of the sidebar menu(this will drop down all saved locations) and click on the old address you want to delete (this will take you to your old location page)
-click 3 lines button on top left again
-click settings
-click the little red trash can on the bottom right under your full address

Voila! All done! Took me forever but I did it and hope this helps!

I tried reading all the replies but hopefully I’m not repeating someone else.

Happy holidays!

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We aren’t trying to delete addresses in the ring app, we are trying to delete addresses/neighborhoods from the “Neighbors” app by Ring. Currently they don’t give you the option to delete incorrect neighborhoods from the Neighbors app which is honestly SO ridiculous


Its ridiculous that ring team cannot fix a bug in more than 1 year.


It’s not a “bug” it is done with intent. It’s like three lines of code to put in a delete feature. They keep your old addresses so they can track you, sell your info to merchants, etc. It’s just life now…just the way things are. Trust me it’s like 10 min and 3 lines of code to put in a delete feature.

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Still waiting for this to be done - please!!

Would love for this to be fixed. This is too simple of an issue to not have a solution, Ring team.

Hi there, neighbors! Have you tried disabling the Neighbors feed entirely for that location? If not, I would start by first by going through all of your Neighbors Notifications settings, mentioned in this Help Center article.

Next try disabling your Neighbors feed for this location/ account, by following these steps in the Ring app:

  • Tap the three lines at the top left of your Dashboard screen.
  • Tap Control Center on the left side of the screen.
  • In Control Center, navigate to the Neighbors section on the main menu
  • In the Neighbors page, you can enable or disable the feature via the toggle.
  • If disabling, confirm you wish to disable.

After disabling the feed in your Ring app, please re-enable the Neighbors feed, and adjust your Neighbors settings if needed. During this step, please also check your Ring app Menu > Settings > Locations, to make adjustments to addresses showing in the Ring app (remove, change, etc). Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

This does not work for me. How is there not a solution for this!?!?

This is such a simple issue. I will certainly not be buying another ring product if I move again. This is incredibly annoying.