Question - Delete Neighborhood from Neighbors Settings?

Does anyone know how to delete a neighborhood from the Neightbors Settings in the Ring app? I have a neighborhood that I need to delete and cannot figure out how to get rid of it. Path in my app is… App Main Page once opened-> Neighbors-> Gear Icon-> Now I see two seperate Neighborhood Names to choose from, I need to delete one. I see nowhere to delete/remove a neighborhood name, I cannot figure this out.


I have this same problem. When I created my account the Ring system created two neighborhoods (which are excatly the same). I also cannot figure out how to gt rid of one of them. Tried everything . . .

And to go one step further, I would like to remove the neighboorhood section from the dashboard, but that does not seem to be an option.

Anyone have a fix for this?

Hey Neighbors! At this time, there is not an option to delete a neighborhood, but if you are concerned about getting alerts for a neighborhood you are no longer apart of, you can turn off the alerts for this area.

Here are the steps:

  • Go into your Ring App
  • Go to the three lines at the top left and click on Neighbors
  • Click on the gear icon at the top right
  • Find the neighborhood you no longer wish to have alerts for and select “Alert Preferences”
  • For schedule, turn this to Off
  • Under Alert Types, deselect all types.

This should help you at least get rid of any notifications you may still get for this neighborhood in the meantime!

I am two steps ahead of you Chelsea and have already disabled alerts. But what I REALLY want is to DELETE THE OLD ADDRESS ENTIRELY, as I have previously asked about. There is no reason this should not already be doable from our control panel, come on Ring!



I totally understand where you’re coming from, @DAPAQ2! Rest assured, I have passed this along to the appropriate team to look into it further in the meanwhile. We appreciate your patience!

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There’s a way (if you haven’t found out already). I just deleted two old addresses. It’s under Settings>Location Settings>Neighbors Settings. You might have to select the old address first. Then it gives you the option to edit the address but within that option you can click the red trashcan and delete the location. Hope that helps.

My original post is referring to the removal of Neighborhood Addresses located in the “Neighbors” section, I am not talking about the regular ring account addresses. There is a difference. Your instructions are for regular accounts and there is a way to delete those, but I just checked and there still is not a way to delete addresses within the “Neighbors” section.

Under Neighborhood Settings how do you delete a Neighborhood. After relocating prefer not to see old neighborhood

How do you change your neighborhood address if you move?

Hey @robmal. You will be unable to delete a neighborhood address or change it, but you will have a new one created when you set up your devices on the new location within the Ring app! From there, just mute notifications for your old neighborhood and then just make sure you’re toggled to the new neighborhood within the app! :slight_smile:

Ring Representatives, Do not mark this thread as “SOLVED”, it is NOT SOLVED. When Ring fixes the problem by allowing us to delete an address from the neighborhood settings, then this thread can be marked “Solved”, until then it is not solved!


There is no real way in the phone app to remove the previous address. I did log in to my account online and remove the location there.

Try- login to web site, then go to your name icon, drop down to my plans. You will see your two or three or more locations there. Delete the ones you no longer use.

once it is removed, restart the RIng app on your phone. That means, shut down the ring app and then go back in- log out/login works too. You should no longer see the locations in your ring app or neighbourhood app…

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Just to make sure that we are all on the same page…

The subject of this post is about deleting NEIGHBORHOOD addresses, not the normal ring account addresses. They are two differnt functions and are not the same so please lets not provide discussion or instructions on how to try to delete normal Ring account addresses as the ability to delete normal ring account addresses work fine and are NOT the subject of this post. Deleting NEIGHBORHOOD addresses is the problem and subject of this post. Ring, you really need to fix this, there is no reason we should not be able to delete neighborhoods from our account…



DAPAQ2, you are spot on! Having moved 2 neighborhoods already, this will become a pain if neighborhoods continue to pile up. Ring supervisor folks, this is becoming a problem, especially with more than 2 neighborhoods. We understand that we can turn off notifications, but why is it so difficult for you to update the app so we can delete “NEIGHBORHOODS” the same way we delete “ADDRESSES”. Please look into this!

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Thank you for your continued feedback, neighbors! As Chelsea mentioned above, locations are unable to be removed, but can be changed. Our help center article has instructions to fit most scenarios of adding or changing locations for the Neighbors App.

As we value our neighbors’ feedback, we’ve shared this thread with our teams here. The Community also has a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

Marley_Ring reply reads to me as “we are not going to do anything about this, deal with it the way it is”. And they also say they have shared this thread with their teams (they already said that months ago) but this issue still has not been fixed and has been almost one year since it was originally brought to their attention, Ring has no intentions of fixing this for its customers. Changing neighborhood locations? The only thing we can change by reducing the milage radius of activity notifications and that is not a good enough solution since we still get notifications regarding those neighborhood locations. It also reverts back to the old address by default each time I log into my account, we NEED to be able to delete old neighbors from our account, being able to delete them will end this issue. Ring please fix this issue by adding a delete function for neighborhood locations!

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We found out Ring filters out posts depending on the content. We attempted to share a video with our neighbors and Ring responded by blocking our post simply because they didn’t think it was useful. Our neighbors all thought it was useful so why didn’t Ring think so?

We all found other ways to share and now are looking for a way to remove ourselves from the neighborhood setting. As others have said in this topic, we need a way to completely remove the neighborhood setting. We had to opt in for the neightborhood service when we first install the app so there must be a way to opt out, legally speaking.

I get that there isn’t at option to delete a Neighborhood at this time but can someone maybe say the Why behind it instead of just saying over and over that it can’t be done at this time.

The answer does not provide a way to delete a neighborhood but just to stop receiving messages from it. How to delete it?