Question About Smoke Alarm and the Ring Base Station

I installed a smoke alarm in my home (First Alert Z-wave alarm) and had no issues connecting to the Base station via the Z-wave protocols.

My question is: If the smoke alarm goes off, does it merely send a notification to my phone, or does it also trigger the louder Base Station alarm as well?


Can’t answer your specific question, but be aware if you are subscribing to monitoring when the Smoke Alarm goes off it will contact the Fire Department and roll them while it notifies you at the same time.

Great question, @jsg! With the First Alert Smoke/ CO Zwave combo, you will certainly receive an alert to your Ring app of a Smoke or CO detection. When an Alarm sounds or an emergency signal is relayed to your Alarm system, the siren will indeed sound from all applicable Alarm devices.

As @SolarEclipse mentioned above, we care greatly about your security and safety, thus dispatching fire response is important to consider when installing and professionally monitoring. Here is our help center article with tips on avoiding false alarms with the Smoke/ Co device. :slight_smile:

Most important, the First Alert will sound its own internal siren. This is of course critical in case you are home and the whole Ring thing fails, you still have the First Alert siren sounding. It is a standalone sensor that happens to also sends a signal to the Ring base.


Hi, thanks for your reply. The reason I asked the question is because when I test the smoke alarm, it does NOT trigger the Ring alarm base stations’s alarm or the Dome sirens connected to it.

So I am assuming that in test mode the First Alert Z-Wave smoke detector triggers its own alarm but not the Ring system. I am really hoping that in the event of a real smoke event all alarms would be triggered.


Hi @jsg. Yes, during the test, the Base Station siren will not sound. This Help Center article here has information on how the Ring Alarm will respond to different events. I hope this helps!