Question About Sirens in Devices

Newbie here. First post (and, yes, I searched for an answer before posting).

Am I correct that there are sirens in the keypad and in the base station? I had originally bought a Dome siren to add to my great room area, but that’s where the base and a keypad are, so I’m thinking that if those devices have sirens, I don’t need the Dome siren.

I’d appreciate help and advice. Thanks!

In my opinion you’d use the Dome Siren in locations where you can’t hear, or barely hear, the sirens from the base station and keypad. Such places as outdoors, or a basement or upper floor.

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Hi @SoCalRinger. You are correct that the Base Station and the Keypad will play the siren when the Ring Alarm is alarming. The advice that @SolarEclipse gave is spot on as well, as the Dome Siren is a great addition for areas where you can barely hear the siren from your Base Station or Keypad. :slight_smile: