Question about multiple cameras

Currently I have an indoor camera at my shop with 2 other people logged into the account so they can monitor it. I am needing to get a second camera to use at a different location. Will I be able to add this new camera to my account and make it accessible? Also I currently have the basic protect plan. Would the premium plan work for this? The premium plan says it works on all devices at one location so I am not sure if it will work with the second camera that will be at a different location.

Hey @LaserLingo. You will be able to indeed! When you are setting up the new camera, it will ask you what location you will want it on, which is when you can elect to make a new location. This device will not be shared until you share it, so if you do not want your other shared users to have access, just make sure to not add them to it! For the plan, I recommend getting another Basic plan, as it will be cheaper than the Plus Plan. The Plus Plan also does cover all devices on one location as well, so you would need to set up that device on the same location, which could cause confusion for yourself. Even if you set up a device on the same location, you can stack Basic Plans. This is a great thing for neighbors to do when they find that they have 3 devices and the $9 a month is cheaper than $10 a month for the Plus Plan.

Although, since it’s another location, save some cash for yourself and stick to a Basic Plan for this device as well. The only added benefit you would get with the Plus Plan is unlimited warranty for as long as the plan is active, which is a good benefit to have if you want to be safe, but it’s up to you! :slight_smile: