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Ok I like the idea of for example when we’re home, daylight, just a normal day, that the Home mode can be set to stop overloading us with Motion sounds but I DO want them recorded. For example when I’m down in my workshops my wife and I don’t want to be blasted with the noises because of my movement down there. I understand about snoozing and the other options. But the Modes idea sounds great if it will work such as it doesn’t send the Alerts but at the same time I would like everything videod when motion is detected. I’m probably not asking clearly again. Lol.
Can I set certain unit to NOT send us all the motion alarms but at the same time it DOES video when motion detected in silence.
I’m thinking if we realized something happened or was Missing while in our modified Home mode it would be good to go back and view the videos to investigate.
Other words stop all the audible alarms but at the same time it does record the videos.
Can this be done ?
I THINK I’m finally finished. Installed one more Stick Up cam outside. We’re up to like 13 units I believe. A Home mode to cut down the Unecessarily audible alarms with a quick press of a button sounds great. IF it still records the videos.

Ok. Gonna reply to myself again. Lol.
I did quite a bit more research and I guess it will not do that.

Actually The snooze icon/feature at top right of Ring app will do what we want except don’t have the option to choose the ones you want. It’s all or none.

In our situation we have the areas we tromp around all day when home. And those are the ones we’d like to continue videoing but stop the Alerts as that many all day is insane. But at the same time if some Fool slipped in my basement shop and nabbed something. Well when we saw it missing we could study the videos.

And some of our units I’d like to stay operating as normal regardless of were home or not. As some areas are not heavily travelled by the wife and myself.

Like I’d like to have a one click Home mode that would continue videoing everything as normal. But not send The Alerts we are setting off ourselves. Like the ones downstairs where the shops at. The one outside the garage. Even the doorbell although still have The rings audible.
There are more but that’s kind of a scenario. Set it where a Home mode would take care of that without all the single changes back and forth.

Right now we are pretty much back using the normal Ring app.

Rapid Ring you have to change everything independently. Normal Ring app at least you can snooze all with one press yet continue videoing as normal.

And actually Rapid Ring I’m finding, is not that much faster to answer The alert anyway. And when you do in either app usually what set it off is gone and you have to take the time to find and pull up the videos and hunt it there.

One thing that HAS worked pretty well is the Rich notifications.
Because with us at least. About 90% of the time. That snapshot shows exactly what set it off. So no more jumping all over the place to see if it was a cat, big ol spider. Or a zombie. Lol.

After reading and playing around with this sort of stuff. We’re using the normal Ring app sending the Alerts, with the option to globally snooze just the alerts. Immediate snapshot of the culprit that set it off. And Rapid Ring with all alerts shut off works best for us. The only time I even use Rapid Ring is when I maybe run down the line Live Viewing all the units for whatever reason.

I had much rather be able to set up a Home Mode with all The cameras videoing as normal but not bombarding us with Alerts on the ones we know we’re setting off.

Myself. I want these things videoing when motion is sensed. We just don’t want our eardrums punished from our moving around in OUR NORMAL places. Shut down The alerts only for these places. But no way no how would I want the surveillance video stopping.

If I sound paranoid, it’s because we’ve been hit four times in The last approximate 16 months. Fortunately we’ve had a security system in our home so that has ran them off so far. After several trips out here our sheriffs department has recommended cameras and motion lights.

We started slowly. Lol. But my OCD kicked in and we’ve put together one pretty nice package. I had much rather the spot and floodlights run them off and hopefully videoing them, for identification than ever hear this loud house alarm blasting off at 3 or 4 a.m. again.

Slowly but surely we’re getting this stuff adjusted to suit us.
It’s not perfect. We still have the occasional spider on crack invade a couple of these things. But on even those I’ve about eliminated most of that sort of thing. Seems like every camera has its own set of peculiarities.

But back to the original topic. It would sure be nice to be able to set a Home mode that you could keep the videoing but stop the alerts on just the ones ya want.

If I’m overlooking anything that might help id appreciate somebody educating me. After all. You can have situations in broad daylight while at home.

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Hi @Arkar. I would suggest setting up a Motion Schedule. This can allow you to set specific times of the day when don’t want notifications, but still want to record. You can learn more about Motion Schedules here. I’m glad to hear that you are felling protected with your Ring of Security. Let me know how you like this feature!

Thanks again Tom. I’ll surely check that out. But honestly I don’t think that’s going to be the ‘fix’ we need.
Please don’t take that as a negative remark! It’s just we don’t have schedules that allows us normal hours and days that would really benefit from that. Meaning, it’s very rare we have two days in a row that are the same as far as our home time etc.
That being said. And from my quick glance. I’ll bet there’s something in there that might be beneficial so I am going to study it a bit.

And appreciate your remark concerning our feeling safe. These things have certainly been beneficial already. I’m out in the country a good distance off the road. Fairly good size house. We started this with our security company. They installed surveillance and lighting as well as handle our normal home security system. I was somewhat surprised when I first met with them about this that they recommended Ring equipment. They install several brands including their main brand but still recommend Ring. I was told by more than one person this stuff was better than what they installed and monitored themselves. They did The first seven units. I wound up adding myself and we have 13 including one doorbell now.
Nobody will get anywhere around this place that we don’t know about it.
Yea there’s things that can get buggy but they told me beforehand. I guess that’s why I don’t get too excited if we have a little hiccup. Also as an outdoorsman I’ve had decades of experience with game cams. Night vision. Motion. Very similar.
Already scared The fool out of a couple of guys. Lol.
I’ve made a large investment in this stuff and am happy. And besides. It’s cool to tinker with.

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