QR Code lost on Ring Door Bell Pro

I recently lost connectivity of wifi on my ring video door bell, and when tried to reset pressing the orange button on the side, enabling it/device to reset and start connecting to the wifi network again, it asks for a pin/qr code, which i could not find within the device. calling ring support doesnt give any answer as they say, check the device on the sides, where the orange button is shown, or sometimes see on the back of the device but nothing helped. i got ■■■■■■ off and left the video door bell without setting it up. the call agent said, i need to press 20 sec to reset to factory settings, which i am yet to do, as i was told that it would give me a new setup feature without asking for qrcode or pin, which is weird,. i noticed that ring agents keep saying, “do not worry, if you do not have qr code, our engineers can help to provide one”, which surprised me, as they dont give you any code, except guiding you through alternative workaround /probably, that would take hell lot of time,. so, keeping this inview, its clear that rind has become a frustrated product among many in the market, nor is not coming up with innovative approach to simplify the process to help its customers do stuff in simple steps, rather than making things complicated. till now, i did not get to hear about any master code/key/qr code from the ring support,. very weird!