Puzzling question about sprint network and viewing cam live

So I called ring last year when I got the flood light camera. Vowing live is fine when on wifi but when I’m using cellular data at day work I can’t view live video as it gets choppy and ghosting occurs. When I called ring they said that this was due to sprint service and that it is sprints problem. I figured maybe it is. Fast forward a year or so. I have some new smart devices specifically Samsung smart hub and my floodlight camera can be viewed from this app with no issue. There is no ghosting and no shuttering. I am not sure how I can view the live video fine with no issue there but on rings own app it is vertically impossible! Please help me figure this out!

Sorry to hear about these concerns @Thiccjim16! Cellular signal can certainly vary by provider and location. As it’s been a year, it’s safe to say carriers such as Sprint have made updates to their signals to accommodate the popular use of mobile devices, since then. If live view concerns persist on cellular data, we recommend ensuring your data is enabled for use with the Ring app, here’s how:

  • On Android: Visit Settings > Apps > Ring > Data usage > Background Data should be toggled on.
  • For IOS: Visit Settings > Cellular > Scroll Down > Make sure Ring has toggle switch on

If this did not improve functionality with Sprint, we recommend you give them a call as carriers can often have data plans that might restrict the streaming of certain video qualities. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: