Putting Ring app widget onto Mac OS Sonoma desktop

I have a Ring widget on my iPhone Home Screen, which is very handy to rapidly access a camera. By the magic of Apple I also have added the widget on my iMac, identifying the same camera … but when I click on it, it just says “Open Ring on iPhone to continue”. So I open the Ring app on my phone … and then what? I assumed I would see some sort of permission request or something, but that doesn’t seem to be it. Can someone please explain how to make it active?

Hi @avianskipdiver. The Ring Live View Widget is available for use on your phone or tablet. It is not supported on desktop. You’re welcome to add your feedback to our Feature Request board.

What is the point of the widget being available in Mac OS Sanoma if it can’t be used to view or monitor the cameras? :exploding_head:


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