Push notification disappears when unlocking phone or swiping down notification bar


When someone is at my door and rings the bell, I get a push notification on my Android phone.

Issue: If I unlock my phone OR pull down the notification bar from the top of my phone to click the push notification, it vanishes. It’s almost like my phone thinks: 'you want to see more details? NOPE -> vanish.
This is only for the Ring app notification btw, other notification work as intended.

Workaround: So now I can’t see quickly who is at my door (I have to go to the app, go to live feed,… ) which is not the intended way.

Anyone else have a similar issue?



Hey @vanachterj. I’ve not seen or heard of this concern before, but let’s see if we can get it back to normal! Could you try removing the Ring app from your phone, rebooting your phone (turning it off/on) and then reinstalling the Ring app. From there, log back in and monitor your notifications from there. If you still seem to have concerns with your push notifications, please check out this Help Center Article here for more troubleshooting tips and tricks and this article here for more information on what apps conflict with the Ring app.

Any solution for this problem?
I’m experiencing the same thing