Purhased New Ring Spotlight Cam from Home Depot and 3 years later Ring advised me it was a refurbished Spoitlight Cam

Three years ago I contracted with an electrician to install 2 plug in spotlight cams and paid him in advance to purchase from Home Depot. At the same time I purchased a ring doorbell and inside cam and set up myself. The contractor purchased the cameras and I was there when he unpacked them and did the install and he left me all the packing material and boxes from each.

After the installation was done I signed up for the protection plan which was to cover all my ring products and have renewed each year.

Just recently I was experiencing an issue with one of the spotlight cams and worked with customer service support and the Tech determined there was an issue with the video when I uploaded screen shots showing the image was very foggy. I advised the rep that the cover was raised from the top of the cam and woul not reseat and that there was probably moisture or water inside the camera causing the poor video. I was advised to take a photo of the camera itself and I advised I would do that the next day as I it was dark out and I would have to get a tall ladder to go up and take the photo.

The next day I took a picture of the camera and called customer service again and discussed the issue with a different rep. I was advised that the camera would be replaced and to please hold so that my account information could be confirmed.

After a few minutes the rep cam back on the phone and advised me that the particular camera in question was not convered under the protection plan as it was a refurbished camera. I asked "How could that be - the cameras were purchased at the same time and taken from the same locked cabinet in Home Depot and there was nothing indicating the item was anything other than new.

The rep explained that sometimes a person buys a ring product and registers it and then returns the product to Home Depot for whatever reason and the product is therefore considered “REFURBISHED”.

So as a result of somebodys screw up at Home Depot - my spotlight cam will not be covered by the protection plan.

Ring did offer me a discount if I purchased a new spolight camera online on their website as well as a refund credit on the protection plan. I don’t understand what the credit is for. Is it because I was paying for protection that should not have been in place? That’s like saying I was paying my car insurance for the past year and then get in an accident and the insurance company telling me that they should not have renewed my policy so they they are giving me a refund for the premiums I paid for the past year and no long have protection.

As the consumer, I am at the short end of the stick here. I feel Ring should honor the protection plan and replace the camera. A buyer has no was of knowing if they purchased a refurnished item and Ring should have notified me that the spotlight cam was no longer under the protection plan.

I would give Home Depot a call but I don’t have any receipt for the purchase as it was purchase by a contractor and I would have to believe that they would have no way of knowing if the camera had been previously registered and returned by another customer.

Very disappointing

credits will be use on your next billing cycle for the plan, it will lessen the total amount

Hi @JDiPane. I understand how this situation can be frustrating. As you can see here, an Official Ring Refurbished device is covered under our Ring Protect Plan. In fact, sometimes a replacement device is a refurbished device. If someone buys a Ring Device from Home Depot, sets it up, then returns it, it is not refurbished, it is used and used devices are not eligible for Ring Protect Plan replacements. I would suggest reaching out to our team on Facebook via DM @Ring.

Upon contacting Ring again I am told a different story. I was advised that in April 2022 I removed the camera from the Ring App and then set it up again and this procedure changes the warranty on the camera even though the camera still shows that it is included in the protection plan.

The only reason for me to do this is because I may have had an issue with the camera.and was instructed to do so by Ring Support but I cannot verify that. I do recall having an issue with.my doorbell not showing the correct battery level and being.advised to uninstall the Ring App and install it again which correct that issue.

Regardless, if the camera was deleted from the APP, it would have been re-installed within minutes.

This is the same camera from the initial install, it was never moved, it was never transferred to another account and I cannot understand why one camera can remain under warranty in the protect plan and the other, which was purchased and installed at the same time, is not covered.

Ring has escalated my issue from a supervisor to a higher.level

@JDiPane Thanks for keeping us updated in this thread. I hope that our support team is able to work with you to reach a resolution.