PSA- Solution for doorbell “clicks” and re-starts/reboots after pressing button

My ring doorbell (about 10 yrs old) that is wired to my upgraded transformer just started to appear to power down while also making an audible click a couple seconds after pressing the doorbell button, after which it then restarts/reboots within a couple seconds. This of course created issues where videos were being recorded, etc. Anyway, I read a solution someone else posted where they went into the devices settings and the in-home chime settings and turned OFF the relay in the doorbell that activates my mechanical chime in my hallway. It worked! I think the click I was hearing is the relay in the doorbell that is probably going bad. My device health shows the ring is getting good voltage and good signal, so it’s not those causing the problem. So I’ve lost my mechanical chime inside the house, but I still get a near instant notification on my phone, and no more reboots. I can live with that :+1:t3:

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Hi @user72017. I’m happy to hear you found a solution that works for you! It’s definitely possible there is an issue with the chime kit that was affecting the power to your Doorbell. If you’re fine with not using the chime kit, you can also use an Alexa-enabled device to hear audible alerts in your home. :slight_smile: