Protective film on VDB3+

Above the camera on the body of the VDB3+ the plastic finish looks like some sort of black protective film is still there, I have already removed the clear film it came out of the box with, is the black the actuall device body because it looks strange and can be scratched with a fingernail?

Good question, @Isotope! While your Video Doorbell 3 will certainly come with protective film on some parts, these should be easy to remove or have tabs to do so. As you mentioned removing the film from the lens, there should not be any further film to remove from this area of the Doorbell. The Video Doorbell 3 does have a black top section, in which nothing needs to be removed from here. It may feel like a softer material compared to the hardest parts of the Doorbell. No worries, your device sounds proper. :slight_smile: