Protection Plan logic?

I currently have one Ring doorbell camera on a Basic Protection plan. If I only want to add 1 camera, why is my only choice to subscribe to an unlimited camera plan for more than double my current single camera? Why can’t I add a second camera for an additional $3.99 instead of being forced to pay $10 for two? With one I pay $3.99, why would a second camera make me pay $10 rather than $7.98? You’re basically convincing me not to buy another camera. The volume discount should apply when a 3rd camera is added - why punish those who only want 2? Yes it’s only a few dollar difference, but it’s the principal.

Hi @user33303. As seen on Ring Protect Plans | Home Security and Video Monitoring Service | Ring under the FAQ section, you can add another Basic Ring Protect Plan to your account. I’ve shared a picture below that highlights this information. You can login to and subscribe under the Protect Plans tab. I hope this helps.