Protect Trial Ends And Now I Can't Access Live View?

Hello, my Ring trial ended yesterday. Today when I went to get a live look at my doorbell camera it said it could not connect. Why is it that it has worked every other day, but the first day that my trial ends, the live view no longer functions on my phone? I ran speed tests and my internet is fine.

There are multiple posts that concern this problem.

If you have Advanced Motion Detection enabled, try disabling it. This fixed Live View on my devices. Not a great solution, but better than not having access to Live View.

One theory I have is that Advanced Motion Detection isn’t supported or hasn’t been tested with Live View without Ring Protect. The People Only Mode motion setting isn’t supported without Ring Protect so you aren’t allowed to enable it.

You can find other posts by searching for key words such as “Trial Ended” or “No Live View”.