Protect Plus Trial - 60 days no available video

Hi community, hope you can help please.
I had a protect plus trial at a property other than my home. Then I traveled, to my home and subscribed to the other location a few days later when I arrived. I still see all of the notifications of motion and videos on the app for the other location. Since I had a protect plus trial, my understanding is that videos would be kept for it think 30 or 60 days during this trial, and then provide continuity for customers. According to several reports/articles there is a time frame where videos can be retrieved from the protect plus trial, because videos were originally saved for a longer period, and are not automatically deleted immediately.

I called customer care and spoke with a supervisor who told me they didn’t have an escalation path available to be able to submit a ticket to ask the team who manages the storage of my videos, to look into my case.
I was told there is no support ticket or reference ticket available for me to reference. That all of my ticket data is kept on my profile. When I searched to find it in my profile, the customer service person said, my profile, in “their system”, not accessible to me.
I was told that they would provide feedback about my concerns.
I was told there is no other person I could speak to ask about retrieving video.

I will try to get a response and some help here in the community…
I have several cameras that I haven’t yet installed, over 3 properties. Will consider other options if there is no option to retrieve the video footage and photos I was led to believe was saved for 30/60 days.
Your advice and help is appreciated on how to go about this… as I know others have been able to retrieve video and achieve continuity in these cases.

Thank you for your help.

Hi @472f2c8d39b379b41433. This is known as your Video Storage Time. You can learn the specifics of this feature here. Video Storage Time only applies to account with an active Ring Protect Plan. Once the plan is expired, videos are no longer saved. Videos are only saved with an active plan. This is noted on the Video Storage Time page I shared and pictured below. Once videos are deleted, there is no way to retrieve them. I hope this clears up any confusion.

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