Protect Plus Question


Considering getting Ring Security system for a new house we are building. Couple really quick questions.

I’ve seen on other threads people having issues with trying to setup professional monitoring where the address doesn’t show up in the system. Since we are doing a new build which doesn’t exist on Google Maps yet will we have issues getting setup with professional monitoring.

Also where is the professional monitoring based out of for Canada. Is it in the US, Canada or is it throughout North America?


Hey @turboninja. When it comes to addresses that can be Professionally Monitored, our team will normally base this off of addresses that have been verified with local post as well as addresses that have mail delivered to the address. If you can get yourself set up with that new home to have mail delivered before you set up the system, you shouldn’t have any problems with this! In the event that you may, you can always call into our team and they can escalate this concern for you to get it fixed. :slight_smile:

Ring uses Ring uses a trusted monitoring service that is top-3 in the Nation that works for our Monitoring services we offer to US and CA (excluding Quebec) neighbors. You can learn more about the Professional Monitoring here and what happens when that team calls you here.