Protect plan

I have just got a ring doorbell and signed up to the plan-however it says I won’t start paying until 30th Sept 2021, then it says my renewal is 1Sept 2022? That means I don’t get a free month???

Hi @Lou7. Since you signed up for the Ring Protect plan today, it is going to show that your plan starts today. However, since you get a free trial when you first set up your Ring Doorbell, you do not pay until after that trial is over. I apologize if the wording is confusing at all but you have your free trial and then you pay for the plan after the trial ends. If you ever have any further questions about your plan or if you notice anything seems off, you can give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here and they can pull up your account and make sure everything is in order. :slight_smile: