Protect Plan Plus - No extended warranty

I have been a customer since the original ring doorbell. Recently, my Ring Pro was determined to have failed. This was the third time the device disconnected from wifi over the last year. . No changes to my wifi. Since I had the Protect Plan Plus, I asked for a warranty replacement. Ring stated that my Doorbell Pro was not covered. I got the Protect Plan plus with my purchase of the Floodlight camera in 2018 and have continued to pay the yearly fee. My reason to purchase Protect Plan Plus was to get extended warranty on my 3 Ring products. Now ring says that my devices are not covered after paying for 4 years. I requested a Corporate Customer care executive to escalate my issue. They would not or could not provide me with a contact. Now I am reaching out to the Ring community. Ring has terrible customer service. They are willingly (auto pay) to take my fee for years and not say that the extended warranty does not apply. Hope to get someone from corporate to contact me to resolve this issue. Check you Protect Plan Plus coverage.

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might be lapses on payment

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Hi @ylwinkie. The Ring Community is a public forum, and is not a direct line to our support team. The Ring Protect Plus plan does offer an extended warranty on Ring devices it covers. However, you must subscribe to the plan within that device’s original one year warranty. If the standard warranty has already expired, and then you subscribe to the Ring Protect Plus plan, that device would not receive an extended warranty.

We can’t see any details on your account or device on the Community, as it is a public forum and users are anonymous. You can follow up with our support team if you have more questions on your Ring Protect plan or your device’s warranty. In regards to your Doorbell Pro disconnecting form wifi, it might be a signal related issue. I’d suggesting reviewing this information on signal strength to see if that helps.