Protect Plan does not honor warranty for 1.5 year Floodlight cam

I wanted to see what people’s experience has been with Ring customer service.

I bought a floodlight cam from Costco in November 2018 which came with a 1-year subscription plan. That plan expired in Nov 2019 and I subscribed to a new annual plan in December 2019. Apparently, there was a lapse of a few days between both the subscription plans.

Fast forward to June 2020. One of my flood light cam stopped working (pink hue during the day and dark during the night). When I called customer support, they said that the camera is not under warranty since there was a lapse of a few days between both the plans. I was dumbfounded since a $200+ device stopped working in 1.5v years and Ring would not honor the Protect plan that I have subscribed to.

Does any one else in the community experienced something similar? This is disappointing since I have multiple devices and feel I should stop paying for the $100 protect plan and switch over to a different product family.

Update on my original post:

Apparently, the first customer service rep mixed up my purchase date and hence determined that there was a lapse in my plan coverage. I had purchased two security cams in a span of 11 days back in 2018 so when I did renew my plan a year later, I was still under warranty.

I called back a second time and another rep (Jason) was able to correctly identify the discrepancy and helped me order a replaceement under the warranty plan. Just wished the first couple of reps (first level and someone from advanced technical support) had been able to assist me better instead of giving me the run around. The second experience with Jason was so much better where he helped identify the issue and worked through thee replacement quickly.

Just wanted to clarify this so people can see my overall experience.

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