Protect Basic Subscription Workflow

I contacted support today and was assisted with a very strange process. I’m going to preface this with a few facts. I have a credit card. My wife has a credit card that is hooked into my credit card account. My wife can, as an authorized user, call my credit card company and make changes to my account. I have authorized her as a trusted individual to do this. I go to the doctor. My wife holds our insurance. She, with my consent, can view and pay for any medical procedures I have had as well as schedule appointments. You can see what I’m getting at here, other corporations, both big financial, and big medical, two of the most heavily secured sectors nationwide, have figured out a way to do this. I could bring schools in but at this point it seems like a waste, I assure you it works the same way. Ring has no such system in place. Very inconvenient, very frustrating. I had a ring device (stick up cam) fail, not a big deal, my wife called support, they verified the device was defective and a replacement was sent to us free of charge. At this point, I have not spoken directly with anyone from Ring. A week or so ago, my wife tells me over dinner that the new backyard camera is not showing recorded footage and that she is going to call Ring to see what’s up. Imagine my surprise when she calls me later the next day in a rage telling me that the support tech wouldn’t let her make any changes to the account despite proof of relation and the ability to provide all information requested. In summary, she is able to call and get the physical device replaced with no input from the “account owner” but not able to make other account changes? Now I am involved and unhappy. I have already been considering moving away from the ring product line and this less than smooth customer experience has not helped. I had to take time off work to get in touch with a support representative to get what should have been a non-issue fixed. There were no statements made by any paperwork or spoken word from Ring support to indicate that there would be an interruption in our already purchased plan, or that the plan wouldn’t transfer automatically. These all seem like trivial things to get irritated about but this is either a luxury product, or a serious security tool and in either case, having to jump through these kinds of hoops to get the service swapped over does Ring a serious disservice. I hope someone over there pulls there head out of their rear and takes a good look at these workflows and figures it out because this is pitiful. A button in the control center to swap the covered device in my basic protect plans would be a very easy first step I think. Knowing that my subscription in at least some part is paying for Ring to have someone sit on a chat and do something as mundane as move device around already active subscriptions is mildly infuriating.