Protect basic price increase

Whoever is in charge in making the recent changes is going to make so many customers quit. Short term they will probably make profits however in the long run it will be a disaster. A competitor will likely take over especially when words spread amongst the community. This will be the start of the downfall for ring. Plus the technology of competitors seems superior and innovating whilst ring seems to be at a standstill.

Ring = AOL

So in 2 years subscription has doubled in price? Shocking. Will not be renewing and have already ordered a different product without the greedy subscription fees. Read the room Ring

I’ll be cancelling my subscription as its now gone up double since I first subscribed.

Very disappointed in your greedy unwarranted attitude given the current financial uncertainty we all find ourselves in :rage:.

Luckily my yearly subscription took place a few weeks ago, but if this price stays, I am quitting for literally anything else. I was going to buy more devices after my home renovation but never again

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I agree, I only have a doorbell & its bonkers to pay $49 just to have access to my videos

Forum Admins…Appreciate that the price increase is through no doing of yourselves, rather the greedy management etc but considering the mass comments/posts from hundreds of users relating to the increases do you not think it’d be better to just address the comments rather than ignoring, closing and merging new posts into one. The damage is already done so trying to sweep new posts under one isn’t really quelling the discontent.

Typical Amazon (owners of Ring) they have also recently upped the cost of Prime. I will not renew Ring when it expires in Aug 24 and I will be cancelling Prime. Complete ripoff, I will not use Amazon for any future purchases…!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Cancelled my subscription immediately on receipt of their greedy price hike and receiving the usual corporate speak copy and paste reply about ‘adding value’ Tired of the lies and the rip offs.

You can’t appreciate your customers that much if you increase your basic plan by that much of an increase.

Asbsolutely terrible customer appreciation.

Well I wont be renewing my protect plan

So there is 1 customer that you have lost and i’m pretty sure that you will lose more.

I will cancel as well when it runs out.
No intention to support a greed/spy/add ware company.
Prime is canceled as well.
This is not how you do business.