Protect basic price increase

Cancelled. No justification for this increase.

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Don’t blame you as it’s to much money for no extra.

RING seems to be greedy in a annual increase with the Protect Account. People that work have a budget and some do not, they can afford it. People on either Welfare or Social Security surely have a hard time LIVING period. Hard to pay bills. I will end my subscription ! RING has no reason to keep raising the price! Cost of Living here is HIGH enough already. So what warrants Ring to become so greedy ? I will not pay for any more increases, camera is not perfect anyways. Records half the time.
Miss a lot of events. The Ring Neighborhood is becoming a joke. See ya

There prices are no longer worth it. I just cancelled all of mine and will be buying my own camera system that I have full control over.

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Fairly recent Ring owner and user here and soon to be no longer.
If one thing your price hike has done, it’s made me research an alternative and I’ve found that Eufy doesn’t have a subscription model and lets me record video to an SD card in my hub.
I will be moving to Eufy and cancelling my Ring subscription before the price change takes effect.

You’d think RING would want to hear the feedback about the outrageous percentage rate hike but nope, just keep closing opinion threads and responding with a canned answer that is nothing but mumbo jumbo… People expect prices of things to go up but the percentage RING has chosen is gouging pure and simple, end of story… I too will be shopping

It is price gouging pure and simple, nothing else needs said. this canned answer is useless

No way am I putting up with such a massive price increase, will definitely be cancelling when my current subscription ends, complete rip-off.


I think it is absolutely despicable to raise the subscription by such a hike, especially in this cost of living crisis. There’s been no justification for this and no new benefits added or improvement in service to justify this. Amazon are just being greedy and getting beyond themselves. Judging by how many on here are saying they’ve cancelled or will be cancelling their subscription, their action will soon hurt their pocket more than they expect. I will certainly be cancelling when my current subscription period ends. I look forward to seeing an explanation for this increase from them.

This was the last straw. :expressionless: I just put up my Ring Floodlight Cam gen 2 for sale online, canceled subscription, and bought a Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 with local recording. :slight_smile:

I totally agree this is outrageous. I have only recently become a Ring customer. When trying to decide which camera system to go for I boiled
it down to a choice between Ring and another doorbell that didnt need a Protection Plan to store videos etc because it had a SD Car to do that. I am now regretting my decision to go with Ring. Do Ring realise that their customers are struggling with cost of living currently and could do without a 43% price increase on any products.
They cant even provide BASIC FUNCTIONALITY in there products (eg allowing Shared access to mute chimes) what exactly is the price increase meant to do, provide us with something extra or just to allow shareholders to make more money.
I get it that businesses are in existence to make profits but sureley they realise that if the vast majority of customer dont agree with the increase they will cease to be customers and thus the business will loose money.
I cant afford to just ditch this camera so unfortunately am stuck with it. Ring, please reconsider.

Wow. Seen the email for the price increase and cancelled my subscription. A family member asked about getting one this weekend. Advised them not too due to rising costs. Was going to extend my ring products but not now.


The recently announced increase on top of last years is just pure corporate greed by Ring. I wholeheartedly hope it completely backfires and it looks like it is.

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Dont stand for it and dont take the Martin Lewis advice of cancelling and resubscribing on a 12 month plan before the increase.

** Sure this advice will see you secure the existing price for anothet 12 months, but all you are doing is kicking the can down the road. Probably straight into another 40% hike like Ring have imposed on their customers for the past two years - 100% increase in 2 years is absolutely ridiculous **

My advise, cancel now, remove the device and bin it.

Sure you can try and sell it but keep in mind that people wont want to buy a doorbell with a £49 to £60 annual running cost and the used market will be flooded with people looking to sell theirs to help then fund an alternative.

I have cancelled, im gonna crush mine and then throw it.

☆☆☆ Please Note - you can cancel NOW in the portal and still leave it operational up until the next due payment, so no need to delay the action☆☆☆

There are a range of other devices and options out thay dont require any subscription or have much lower subscription costs. Research what suits you and take your business elsewhere.

As an example, I have just purchased a cheap and cheerful Blink alternative with no ongoing subscription
As I already had a hub and with the outlandish greed of Ring…it means my return on investment for the new doorbell is just 7 months. So i am saving in the first year even though I am purchasing hardware.

Many are going Eufy, which is a fantastic option (better than my cheaper solution) and a very good qulity Doorbell with no subscription - the return on investment here (with the chine and local storage) is still under 24 months.

Please, don’t continue to support Ring and take the action to free yourself for their reduculas increases, while at the same time reducing your regular outgoings with a solution which is not subject to subscriptions and future orice hykes by the vendors.

LEAVE RING - that is without a doubt the advice which should be marked as solution for easy reference to the “Neighbours”

Hi Have to Ring cameras and won’t pay for increase , can you please advise when you cancelled subscription ( and functionality) does anytime left still continue until the renewal date ? My subscription ends July 2024 but I want to cancel now ( purely because of price hike and to show my absolute disgust and annoyance) and have a bit of time to research other solutions etc. Thanks.

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There’s no threat here, I’m just a very small fish in a huge ocean! So from March the Amazon company will now be boycotted and I’ll go with a subscription camera as my son already has. It’s no skin off Amazon”s nose but I’ll feel a lot better you’ve not got my money. Good luck in the future with your money grabbing cons, also known as marketing and hooking the little fish.

Why haven’t Ring responded to these comments that have justifiably been raised by their irate customers. Surely, you’d expect some kind of rationale for such a large increase, and not simply we’ve added more functionality. I wonder if they’ve done any kind of market research to find out what their customers want, and what they don’t want plus what their customer are willing to pay for and what they aren’t willing to pay for (eg functionality that they don’t want or need) !!

I am beyond tired of the stick it to them attitude not just here, but everywhere. As many have said, it’s the percentage that burns us all. We all have money issues now with this new world order. I guess that we all will need to start evaluating what is really important in our lives. To me it’s not a recording doorbell. This is a very nice product for the money, the yearly service not so much. I just yesterday installed the mailbox sensor (another great product), that is until I tried to get my add on chime to trigger when the mail comes. It does not and cannot. It hasn’t been able to since its introduction a few years ago. I didn’t know that when I bought it or I would have gotten a different brand. I searched this forum only to find 100’s of users with the same complaint. If there are that many issue (unresolved) with the mailbox, how many more are there with the other products. Amazon is big, Ring is big, there is no excuse for not integrating new features into products. What therefore is the 100% - in two year price increase for? Amazon stockholders, I guess.

This is shameful indeed.

Cancelled my subscription today. This huge increase cant be justified and is taking loyal customers for granted. I will move my device to the shed door and will buy from a competitor a replacement who does not rip customers off

When you cancel on the website it gives you the option to cancel immediately or to cancel at the next renewal date. I cancelled my subscription immediately and very quickly got a refund for the remaining days.

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Whoever is in charge in making the recent changes is going to make so many customers quit. Short term they will probably make profits however in the long run it will be a disaster. A competitor will likely take over especially when words spread amongst the community. This will be the start of the downfall for ring. Plus the technology of competitors seems superior and innovating whilst ring seems to be at a standstill.

Ring = AOL