Protect basic price increase

I have a protect basic for two devices.
Today received an email informing about price increase from £24.99 to £34.99/year, for more feature like “ You can store your Ring videos for up to 180 days. Video storage defaults to 30 days.”
Can I keep the old policy, am happy with 30 days storage? if so can not see anywhere under my account to do so.


Hi @Alex69. There is no option to keep the current version of your Ring Protect Basic plan after July 1st, 2022. You can find more information on the additional features that will be available with your Ring Protect Basic plan after July 1st, 2022 in our Help Center Article here.

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I’ve made up my mind and decided to cancel my Ring Protect Plan due to the price hike. After 4 years of subscribing, a 40% price increase is too much.


Let’s put it in perspective, it’s less than $1/£1 per month extra to cover the rising costs of business for Ring.
What other products or services are you giving up because of such a minor monthly increase?

No there’s no way to do it, they just want to whack an extra £10 on for some more usleless add ons, pure greed

Me to, I’m not willing to throw another 10er at cooperation greed :rage:

So why don’t they give ppl the option to stay with what they’ve got and offer it for ppl who want it, simple, they know ppl won’t want it so they don’t give the option!

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Let’s put it in perspective… IT’S A 40% INCREASE

We know it’s only £1 per month, we can count :wink:

I’m guessing that you work for Ring and it was your idea to increase the cost?

Thankfully, no, I don’t work for Ring because then I can call out people’s nonsense.

Perspective, it’s a £1/month increase. If you can’t afford that in these times of rapidly rising prices around the world, then you might look to increase your income.

Good luck

Yeah thankfully you don’t work for them.

You still miss the point, there’s no justification whatsoever for the ridiculous price increase. If they had vastly increased features that people would actually want or even fixed their absolutely useless person detection algorithms so it can differentiate between a pigeon and a person then I would happily pay a small increase.

Hiking the price 40% for absolutely no reason is just greed.

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This character always defends Ring’s financial interests - when the pro account price was DOUBLED they said all the same things. Thankfully their MO is obvious, and so their contribution can be treated accordingly. :slight_smile: