Professional monitoring in canada

Very confusing stuff. Ring website clearly states professional monitoring is available in Canada, with the exception of Quebec. Bought my parents the entire ring system, went to turn on professional monitoring, says not available. Call support, told also not available. I check on here and the only post about it says it IS available and we just have to call support. What exactly is the situation??? If not available, the website really need to be updated as it would be completely false advertising to list 24/7 professional monitoring under the Plus plan for Canadians.

@Justin_Ring I saw your reply to a post back in Feb. Has anything changed?

Hi @user55486. Professional Monitoring is available in Canada, except for Quebec. It’s possible there’s an error with how the Location is listed in your Ring app or the hardware you have. If you haven’t done so already, I’d suggest getting in touch with our support team either on Facebook or Twitter @Ring by sending a private message. They can take a closer look and get in touch with our Ring Alarm team specifically to help get this resolved.

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