Professional Monitoring Calling with every Disarm

Three times so far today I have received a call from Ring Professional Monitoring to inform me that my alarm was going off. Each time I have had to give my password and confirm nothing was wrong. But also each time: My alarm was not going off.

The second time this happened, the monitoring person put me in touch with community support, but the person I spoke to wasn’t helpful. He spent the entire time trying to convince me I was wrong and that I’m misunderstanding the situation. But I’m not. If log into the event list within my own app, I can see the same sequence of events, for instance, the second false alarm call of the day:

5:43 PM Started exit delay
5:44 PM Changed to Home mode from keypad
6:00 PM Entry delay caused by Front door
6:00 PM Disarmed when Front Door Deadbolt unlocked

Then around 6:02 PM I received a call from Ring Alarm Professional Monitoring telling me that my alarm was going off.

The monitoring person put me in touch with a community support person who was not helpful. He spent the whole time over-explaining how he believes things work and was trying to make me believe that nothing was wrong.

The most recent monitoring person at least understood the situation but told me there was nothing she could do. She actually recommended I disable professional monitoring and use personal monitoring – What’s the point in having an Alarm if I’m going to do this?

The only thing I can think that might be weird about my system setup vs the typical setup is that I use z-wave deadbolt lock that disarms the alarm when the code is entered to open the front door. AND I SEE THIS EVENT IN MY EVENTS LIST! How can I get somebody from ring support to take this issue seriously?

I’m going to try entering the disarm code on the keypad AFTER unlocking the front door and disabling the alarm to see if this is a workaround for now. It’s really confusing as to why my view of the events and the monitoring center’s view of events are not the same.

Has anybody else had this issue?

Hi @AbacusFinch. You shouldn’t receive a call from the monitoring center if you disarmed the Alarm and the siren was never triggered. Are you the Shared User on another Ring Alarm by any chance? I can’t think of anything else that would cause this to happen. Unfortunately since the Ring Community is a public forum, we aren’t able to view account information to look at this further. I’d recommend following up with our support team once more, as this issue may require an escalation to have the appropriate team review it. Make sure to mention that you contacted support previously about this, but the issue is still happening. You can also reach our social support team by sending a private message on Facebook @Ring, if that option works better for you.

Thank you @Caitlyn_Ring . I have done more tinkering, and it appears you have 2 separate sets of state. One for the local ring alarm device, and a second inside the monitoring center. Keypad events appears to be sent to both the local device hub and to the monitoring center, changing state. The issue is the handling of the z-wave front door lock. When the keypad is used to arm/disarm, the state change is sent to the monitoring center correctly. But when my was was using her code on the front door lock to disarm the alarm, it appears the local ring hub correctly changed it state to disarm (audibly), but for some reason this update was not made on the Monitoring server, so 2 minutes later their system believed the alarm was going off, even though it had already been disarmed locally.

No, I am not the Shared User on another Ring Alarm. But my Wife is the Shared User on our alarm, and it was her code used on the front door lock which disarmed the alarm locally but for some reason didn’t update the state at the Monitoring center to mark it disarmed.

As a workaround, I have gone into the setting for my z-wave front door lock/mode settings and flipped the toggle for disarm. It now says “Unlocking won’t disarm”.
In this mode, unlocking and opening the front door does not disable the alarm, and my wife and I must walk to the keypad to punch in our code again. In this mode I have not received a call from monitoring, so I’m guessing I have root caused the issue.

I would LOVE to change the setting back for convenience, but I’m hesitant to do so because I don’t want to miss a phone call and have the cops show up when there is no alarm going on.

As I wrote above, I spent some time on a call with a support person and there should be a note on my account that I had a call from Monitoring on March 14, 6:02PM Pacific, was connected to community support for a while, then had another call form Monitoring at 6:24PM after testing the support person’s suggested “fix” that wasn’t anything. He he spent the entire call stuck in his script, trying to convince me I was doing something wrong and not even trying to understand the issue at hand. The Monitoring person at 6:24pm understood, but there’s nothing else she could do.

If you’re asking me to call back, I will. But can you advise me on how to get in touch with a person who will understand the situation and has actual engineering knowledge of what’s going on and not just a script? I don’t have any interest in spending an hour on the phone being told I’m wrong by a person who just doesn’t believe there’s a bug here.

Thank you!

Hi @AbacusFinch. I’m happy to chime in. If you do call in and are transferred over to our support team for the Ring Alarm System, you should be able to request to work with our advanced technical support team for the Ring Alarm for your ongoing concern.