Product Recommendation

I had posted a long time ago asking questions about the Elite. I am finally getting around to considering my “upgrade” of my current non-functioning doorbell.

The current doorbell has a Cat5E cable running to it. So PoE is definitely an option. Whichever doorbell I get, I would like to have a few Ring Chime devices (one per floor?).

Which doorbell would be the best option here? I mention the Elite a few times in this post because I see this one is PoE compatible. I tend to prefer PoE over WiFi mostly for the stability, but also the convenience of not having to change a battery or recharge, etc. I like the 2-way talk aspect of the doorbells. I would certainly use my phone as an inside “intercom”. Is there a device that can be used inside the house as a stationary “intercom” or viewing device?

When I look at the compatibility list of the Chime, Ring doorbells are not mentioned - or at least the Elite. Chime is also not shown as a compatible accessory to the Ring Elite. Are these two compatible? Can I have multiple chimes in the house?

The current spot on the exterior wall where the existing doorbell plate, is in a horizontal position. Can Ring doorbells be installed horizontally? Can the camera be turned so that the video is oriented correctly?

For the Elite, I see there is an available Intercom kit. What are the dimensions of that plate? What material is it made out of? Perhaps if the doorbell could not be installed horizontally, this plate might allow me to install it normally, and cover the open space in the wall with the coverage of the intercom kit wall plate?

Hi @CanadaBri. The Video Doorbell Elite is the only Doorbell we have currently that is PoE compatible. The Ring Chime is compatible with all of our Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras, so you can utilize it with a Doorbell Elite to receive audible notifications inside your home when someone rings the Doorbell or it detects motion. It’s important to note that the Doorbell’s image cannot be rotated in the Ring app, so you will want to install the Doorbell vertically as instructed.

The dimensions of the Ring Elite are 4.80 in. x 2.75 in. x 2.17 in. (11.94cm x 6.98cm x 5.51cm). The dimensions for the Intercom Kit for the Ring Elite are 5.5 in x 7.5 in (13.97 cm x 19 cm). I hope this information is helpful as you determine which Doorbell will be the best fit for you. :slight_smile: