Product Labeling Confusion

There is a Ring Video Doorbell 2 and a Ring Video Doorbell-2nd Generation. I think most people would assume these 2 product labels are for the same item. However, they are two different products. The “2” on Ring Video Doorbell does not mean 2nd generation. 2nd generation actually refers to the second version of Ring Video Doorbell 1. Confused? I ordered a solar charger for my Video Doorbell 2 only to find out I had actually ordered a Video Doorbell solar charger for 2nd generation (again the 2 in 2nd generation is a different 2 from doorbell 2!) After almost an hour of my wait time and service time combined on call with support, an exchange has been arranged. This confusion created by Ring not only cost me time and frustration, it cost Ring the time of their support staff and additional delivery cost and return delivery cost. It doesn’t take an advanced degree in marketing to know not to create two product names almost identical, thus creating confusion for customers. Even the support staff person helping me had to stop and think things over to clarify for himself what was wrong!