Product faulty out of box - customer service non-existant

Well hello neighbours. Bought a Doorbell Elite. Lucky so far I have not put holes into my brick walls to instal this product, but set it up on the table first. The Elite Power Kit appears faulty as there is no indication there is power in or out of the unit. The instal video shows indicators at either end lighting up when power is connected, but mine doesn’t. Anyway, trying to get help online is a waste of time. Ring Chat does not support new product installations. So I tried to ring. 3 attempted calls on the phone and 3 hours later I gave up and have turned to airing my opinion on this page. Maybe I was unlucky. Maybe this is a good product. But I must admit after buying it I have seen other cheaper and better products available. BUT I have never come across such BAD customer support. Surely with the amount of money Amazon makes, it can divert some of it to improve its cutomer service experience. Or just make a better product to begin with. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Hi @stevewa – We’ll get this sorted out, if you allow us :slight_smile:

Due to Covid-19, and ensuring we keep our team memebrs safe and help stop the spread, our support hours are shorter than usual. You can find more information, here. We appreciate your patience.

Now, when you went to plug in the Elite, what happened? Any lights pop up and turn on? Have you since been able to activate it? Personally, I haven’t had the chance to install an Elite, but from my experience it can take a bit of time to get the device ready to go for install! Let me know the current status and what you’re seeing and we can go from there :slight_smile:

PS- please keep in mind that the Community forum is a peer-to-peer forum, but I’ll be sure to monitor your post to see how we can help! Thanks!

Hi, the power kit that came in the box is faulty. I know this because I was able to activate and get the doorbell working by plugging it into a spare port on my security camera NVR. Using this solution long term is not acceptable though because it does not provide me with internet over ethernet, and my NVR is a long way from the doorbell location.

All I require is a spare part but as I pointed out in my previous post, getting phone support is non existant. Finding email support is also impossible here in Australia, although I did just find an email address in the Covid article. Hopefully someone responds to that unless you can provide a solution other than directing me to an article to read.

I am now 11 days past the 30 days since recieving the product to return it no questions asked. But all I want is one specific part.

Hey @stevewa. Happy to help chime in for Jennifer here. What email address did you email into? I just want to ensure it is not a no-reply email address, but you should get a reply within 72 business hours if so! Also, since you mentioned you were in AU and having troubles calling, do you know what number you called and what time you called at?

I totally Agree. They do not follow through on support. The motion detection is horrible and their support team while coached well for interpersonal skills have not idea what to do other than try and reset the device over and over again and that is not the problem.

The individual who gave us his personal email has never called or written back.

Horrible Company !!!

Hey @aaa1. I’m happy to follow up with the support agent who said they would reach out to you, but I’m curious if you have tried contacting them since, and how long have you been waiting for a reply? Some agents may be out of the office and this could be causing the delay. If you’d like me to look more into this for you, please email into with a link to this thread and from the email address associated with your account. I’m happy to look more into the agent handling your concern and ensure they get in contact with you. :slight_smile:

It has now been 8 days my wife has sent 2 follow up emails. We have shipped back our ring to Amazon as defective. As the service and product does not do what is promised.