1. Because of the location Near a road without fixing the front porch I get a lot of useless alerts caused by large or fast moving vehicles. Human detection would help.

  2. The other day I was expecting a large package canada post did not ring the doorbell but left the notice had to pick it up myself. Human detection would help.

  3. I have lag sure I could hard wire it and buy a third party power supply from amazon but it would not solve my other problems. I have a good signal and ring chime pro.

So I’m switchig to a Eufy doorbell cam :wink:

Sorry to hear about this experience @TylerInNiagara . There are several motion settings which can be altered in hopes of avoiding false detection, while optimizing motion detection when needed. If it is still not as consistent as expected, we recommend looking into our wedge kits and how they can improve your motion accuracy.

If concerns persist, give our support team a call, as they are experts who are happy to tailor your Video Doorbell experience to best meet your needs!

I’ve played with all the settings and I’ve talked with support the problem is as I said the front porch and door area physically shakes as large vehicles pass the house. The other problem was the delivery person not ringing the doorbell something that you can’t fix without some ai human detection.

If you provide a screenshot of your device’s field of view, we can certainly help take a further look into this for you.

The front porch and door area shake when large vehicles pass I don’t see how you can fix that or fix people NOT ringing the doorbell…how many times do I need to repeat this…

Sorry for the mess garbage day tomorrow lazy brother.

If I make my detection zone any smaller I will get no motion alerts near my mail box. It’s a shame I can’t independantly adjust the car detection slider and shrink that but it looks like it stops just short of the road. I know a lot more cars pass without setting off the alerts but I see large trucks and buses always set it off.

The final straw thing that annoyed me the most was Canada post did not ring my doorbell and I had to go pickup a large package othertimes they dropped packages in the mailbox without ringing the doorbell despite stickers asking them to do so since my motion alerts are being triggered by non humans not at the door.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share these screenshots! The image confirms that a Wedge Kit would be an excellent addition to optimize motion detection. Currently, the Doorbell is facing outwards, directly towards the road, whereas a Wedge will angle it slightly downwards to cater more to your stairs and yard. Take a look at the Wedge Kits, here and give our support team a call at 800-656-1918, who will be more than happy to further assist with finding the best motion zones for you and your home. Keep us posted on how the Wedge Kit works.

I don’t really want to have it facing down or I’d have to drill new holes and raise it up (possibly making it hard for kids on Halloween) plus it still wouldn’t solve Canada Post not ringing the doorbell and vibration from large vehicles shaking the doorbell causing a false alert. I don’t get a notification when someone parks out front but I get a notification when the large garbage truck pulls into the exact same spot.

Ordered the Eufy doorbell cam will see how it works and it may be my main doorbell for the front door. If so ring will move to monitoring the back rather than getting a security camera.

Those are certainly some tough variables to consider. We do recommend that our Video Doorbells be mounted on a flat sturdy surface for optimal operation. If there is another pillar or surface of the porch that might not be hindered by structural movement, this might be a better mounting location. It also sounds like the porch railings are blocking some motion, perhaps adding one of our Camera devices to the front of the home will help with better monitoring. Hope this helps!

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