Problems with Ring App on iOS 13.5.1

I am using the Ring App version on iOS 13.5.1 on an iPhone 8 Plus. I am seeing two problems.

The first problem happens when I am trying to delete multiple items from the history view. When I am selecting multiple items sometimes, I end up viewing the item I am trying to select. When I return to the history list the garbage can icon and the “Delete All” items at the bottom of the screen are now missing. I can get them back by going back to the Dashboard and returning to the history page, but then all the items I selected are gone.

The next issue happens when I am viewing a recorded event from the history. When I start to view an event or if I tap on the screen part way through viewing an event, I see a progress bar. On the left end of the bar is the amount time that I have viewed so far and on the right side of the bar is the time left to be viewed. There is also a dot on the timeline that used to move along as I viewed the video. That dot no longer follows the progress as I view the video. If I tap and drag the dot it does follow the progress of the recording so that I can move the dot back and forth to quickly see different parts of the video. As soon as I let go of the dot, it snaps back to the left side of the progress bar. It used to continue on from the point I let go of the dot.

Hey @WillH. Thank you so much for detailing these two concerns you have noticed. Rest assured, our team is aware of both of these concerns and working diligently to get them addressed for our neighbors. I will also let you know that these concerns are exclusive to the Ring app on iOS, so if you have an Android device as well, you shouldn’t see these two concerns.

For the event history bug, you can avoid this by not watching a video when in the “Edit” mode, as watching a video and going back to the list gets rid of that Trash Can button and the Delete All button. For the video playback, it should be just cosmetic and you continue to do the workaround as you have if you need to move into different parts of the video. Thank you again for pointing this out, and make sure to keep your app updated so it gets the fix once it’s been implemented. :slight_smile: