Problems with motion schedules

I have a video doorbell 3 and until recently everything was working fine. However ive noticed that my motion schedule has dissappeared from the motion schedules tab in my app, this causes 2 problems

  1. My motion alerts are still activating / deactivating as if a schedule is in effect.

  2. I’m unable to switch alerts on manually during the day because when I try i get a pop up message saying that theres a scedule in effect that is preventing alerts from being activated.

So far I’ve reset the doorbell, removed it from my account and re added reset my app, deleted the cache and all data. But nothing has solved this issue.
Any help would be appreciated

Hi @user53264. To confirm, are you the device owner or a Shared User on the Doorbell? The Motion Schedules option should be under the Motion Settings tile. If you don’t see it there, try checking under Motion Settings > Advanced Settings. If the Motion Schedules option still isn’t appearing, please share screenshots of what you’re seeing on your end.

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When I look under motion schedules, I see nothing.

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