Problems With Any Ring Notifications

Since installed our Ring Video Doorbell 2 device, we’ve noticed many times when someone will come to our front door, ring the doorbell, and we either a) NEVER get the doorbell chime nor notification or b) the doorbell will come later on without the notifications or we’ll get the notifications without the doorbell chime.

Our house isn’t large (1 story approx 1800 sq. ft.) and solved problems we were having with wireless coverage when we installed the Velop Wi-Fi Mesh System. One of the nodes for the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is approximately 5 ft. Like a lot of people trying to establish a Smart Home or, at the least, newer devices that connect wirelessly (i.e. Google Home Mini & Amazon Echo Dot - both in every room). The point being that between wifi-enabled electronics, home phones, cell phones (wi-fi connectivity), the doorbell, and other things not listed…there are a ton of devices operating on the 2.4ghz band and using Wireless-N standard.

Could we just have too many devices operating on the 2.4ghz at the same time it could be interfering with our video doorbell? Our Ring Alarm system has had no problems but that operates on a totally different bandwidth?

I just wonder if it would behoove us to possibly purchase the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and let it operate on the 5ghz band…would that solve our problem? One person I talked to thinks it’s the device itself and thinks we should buy the Google Nest Hello but I’m not convinced that would solve the problem and as long as we’re going to changemy feeling is just buy the Pro…but only if configuring it to work on a different bandwidth would work.