Problems Sharing

Hi. We’ve had a Ring Video Doorbell 2 for a couple of years now and it’s great! Originally my wife installed it as I have MND/ALS and can no longer do that stuff, plus I no longer have any speech.

However, she hates technical stuff on phone and wants me to have responsibility. That’s fine - all under my login I’d now and set up but she can’t now get access to it even though I’ve shared it and she shows as shared user for all devices.

When she tries to go through the Add Device procedure on her iPhone (I know nothing about using iPhones) she says it won’t connect and then I get an email reading as if we’ve tried to change ownership which is not the case.

I have read the instructions for iPhone and looks like there’s an extra step to connecting to WiFi so I don’t know if that’s where she’s going wrong.

I know it’s a long shot but can anybody suggest what we can try in order to successfully connect so she can speak to callers please,


Hi @Covo. If your Shared User is unable to see the devices that you’ve shared with them, they may be on the wrong Location. I would double check to see that she is on the correct Location, as this is a common solution to this concern. Let me know if this helps.

My husband just set up the Ring devices (doorbell and floodlight cam). He has shared these devices with me. I have already set up the app. Unfortunately, I cannot access the devices. There is only 1 location and he has added me as a shared user several times. Don’t know what the problem is here. Please help!