Problems setting customisable motion zones on spotlight cam battery

When I originally set up my customisable motion zones for my spotlight cam battery at night it picked up motion along the footpath to our front door from about 12 foot away and in the daytime from about 25 foot away.

Since redesigning my customisable zones following advice in response to an earlier posting, the camera is only picking up motion from about 6 foot away day and night, despite the zones being set to pick up the full 25 foot of the path.

In the attached screenshots, the central zone is the one or concerned. When the cellphone is held in portrait mode, the image on the screen shows the full length of the path but the top of the central zone stops only 6 foot from the front door. I need to extend the central zone higher up the path, while keeping the bottom anchored in its current position. I may need to similarly extend the right hand zone.

However when I click the button to edit the zones, the screen image immediately switches to landscape mode and does not show the full length of the path, stopping me extending the upper part of the zone. I have tried shrinking the screen with thumb and forefinger but the edit screen will not let me.

Is there any way I can either shrink the screen to enable me to extend the zones as desired, or alternatively force the edit screen to work when the cellphone is held in portrait mode. Or is there anyway I can edit the settings using the dashboard on my PC.

or do I need to delete all the zones and start again?

Many thanks

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the zone designed to pick up the path also picked up the edge of a wall at the near end of the zone which caused it to foreshorten the active area

deleted the zone and redrew so it did not touch the wall (leaving a tiny strip not covered)

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Hey @MSS1. Glad this is working better for you now!