Problems in set up mode for ring doorbell 2


When trying to set up my Ring Doorbell 2, and going through the ‘set up a device’ wizard i hit a problem. It asks me to go to settings and select a ring network. When I do it says it has failed and my iphone cannot connect to the internet. I’ve tried several times and pressed the orange button for 30 seconds to reset but still no joy

I checked and i can’t connect to any websites either. If i change the wifi back to my normal network I can then connect to the internet - just not when i select the ring network

Can anyone help?



Hi @Gazza2. When setting up the Doorbell 2 in the Ring App, it will have you connect to the Ring setup network - this will give you the notification that you don’t have internet access, but you’ll just want to return to the Ring App after connecting to it. The setup process will continue from there and your phone will be reconnected to your wifi network shortly. You can reference the entire setup process in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps! :slight_smile: