Problem with wifi doir bell

Name us ray toth live in il usa my ring video door bell2 kerps falling 9ff wifi i did call erro sed all ok called isp sed all 0k need to kerp removing hattery to get it running also, at time bideo doir bell 2 dont recird i pay fir cloud storage not right hope fixed soon

Get this a lot

Hi @Raymondjtoth. What is the RSSI for this device? Is it connected to a 2.5 GHz or 5 GHz network?

Its 2.4 wifi on a eero mesh ystem router

Rssi - 51 is what i see

Tom i followed guid here at link Configure your Firewall with a Ring Doorbell Pro - ADS Consulting Group Blog gor outbound and it worked great now doing what sed all thought ports now work getting out and app inbound like sed wanted to update you please let other ring employees know some may need all these ports or will box last one are app top half of ports are ring device outbound ports thought like to know in case some may need it

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Ty tome hope say last message

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